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  2. briquettes machine. pellet mill. USA.
$ 18470

briquettes machine. pellet mill. USA.

  • 2, Los Ángeles, CA
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The briquettes or solid fuel block are bio-fuels to generate heat used in stoves, chimneys, salamanders, furnaces and boilers. It is a 100% ecological and renewable product, cataloged as solid bio-energy, which comes in cylindrical or brick form and replaces firewood with many advantages. The briquettes are made from charcoal carbon, which is the dust that is released during handling, can be manufactured through the Meelko briquette, with the help of a binder. With respect to charcoal, the briquettes have a longer duration of embers, offer a more homogeneous and stable temperature, and do not make sparks or explosions, in addition to this product you can reuse the waste (or dust) of coal produced for storage, or during transport, even after the coal has been used in the oven! The briquette produced by Meelko is of higher quality and so strong that it does not break easily. Meanwhile, it is easy to ignite for combustion, does not produce odor and has longer duration when it burns. Some benefits of Meelko machinery: • Comfort: Meelko devices guarantee optimal efficiency with high quality. • Optimization of resources • Experience, with more than 20 years in the market we not only offer a great quality of service, we also have credibility and advanced knowledge in the area. • Security, our devices are designed to provide the operator with the highest level of security. The process flow for the preparation of the briquettes is as follows: Raw Material ? Grinding ? Mixing with binder ? Conveyor up to carbon press ? Dryer (Not available) ? Packaging (Not available) ? Storage Four Double Rollers, Pressing the briquettes can provide a higher pressure and greater intensity during the production of briquettes; It is mainly used in the production of briquettes of plant material, coke, anthracite and various types of mineral / ore powder. This type of briquette press has two large rollers in a fixed position on its bearings, the other two smaller rollers are movable. As its name implies, it has four rollers and the briquette press, agglutinates twice, making briquettes stronger and with higher density. Technical specifications: Model: MKBC06 Power: 11 - 18kW Capacity: 6 Ton/hr Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 85 inches Weight: 4180 lbs Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 103 Contact Email: Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098 PRICE: USD $ 18,470.00 SHIPPING: USD $ 600.00

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Los Ángeles, CA

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