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  2. Litter Robot Open Air
$ 375

Litter Robot Open Air

  • Romolo Pl, San Francisco, CA
  • 0

We bought this 6 months ago for $449. It's life changing. You never have to scoop litter again, best thing ever!! Since it's 6 months old we're selling it for $375. (We're selling it because we're moving across the country and don't want to lug it all the way there... we're immediately going to buy another one, and have it delivered the day we arrive in Boston so we don't have to go even 24 hours without it). p.s. If you're not convinced, read this review: 5.0 out of 5 stars I wouldn't believe it, either. ByRachael Herronon October 30, 2012 Verified Purchase You know, the worst thing about scooping litter is when you accidentally do it right after you apply fresh lip gloss. I AM NOT KIDDING. This has happened to me more than once, and all times, I wanted to mash my lips against a bleached grindstone afterward. I have four cats. Two of them are jerks (and sadly, it's the two nice cats who have the peeing problem). They like their box, but only if it's CLEAN-CLEAN. And you know, if you have four cats and three litter boxes, the chances of the boxes all being clean at the same time is to nothing. Why? Because as you clean one, two cats jump in that one while you're cleaning the other boxes. It was a lose-lose proposition. I scooped every two days (call me lazy, but I COULDN'T scoop all the boxes every day) and cursed my way through it. "If I could afford a man-servant," I'd huff every other day, "I'd pay him just to scoop poop and pee. I'd pay him a LOT." Cue litter flying and clumps of wet litter slapping against the disgusting box in time to my creative swear words. Now, I've had my jerkiest (and most beloved) cat, Digit, for fifteen years. So I've been thinking these thoughts for fourteen and a half years. Enter the Litter Robot. 1) I thought my cats weren't smart enough to get it. They were. Instantly. I put the box together (a cinch), and the first cat had used it properly within the first ten minutes (I use Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter -- that s*** is magic, yo). Within an hour, three of the cats had experimented. Within a day, all four had succumbed to its draw. 2) I thought it was ugly. It is, that's the truth. You have to find the right place for it. I put it in the living room for the first five days, and then moved it to the kitchen, closing up old litter boxes as I went. Yesterday, I set it in its final resting place in the kitchen under a counter I hid with an orange curtain. Each time I move it, I think, "This is it. They'll never use it again." And then all the cats find their way there and pee as soon as possible. 3) I thought it was too expensive. You know how long this line of thinking lasted? One day. One full day of all four cats using this box exclusively (and this was while the other three boxes were still open), and I was sold. On day two of use? If it had broken that day, I would have bought a new one, no questions asked. Now? Two weeks in? I want to buy you one, and your friend one, and that guy over there in the corner probably needs one, too. [Cue Oprah voice:] EVERYBODY GETS A LITTER ROBOT! 4) I thought it would be too loud. Are you kidding me? Yeah, you can hear it when you're watching TV. And every single time it spins in its heavenly rotation, I hear the choirs of angels sing. They're pooping, but I'm not scooping. (The cats, not the angels, although they probably have a box like this, too.) Dude, I change the litter in 20 seconds. Old bag up and out, new clean bag in. Done. Bam. Happiness. Joy. (For four cats, I need to change the bag--regular kitchen bags--once every three days. I could probably go four days, but that might be pushing it, and I don't want to do that. 20 seconds every three days is like a party compared to what I was used to.) Buy one. If you've read this far, you need one, my friend. Oh, yes. You do. Updated: 2/4/14 The first one broke because of a minor motor problem. They fixed it quickly, but seriously, not quickly enough for me and now I have two robots because I couldn't stand the week wait. Due to attrition (DON'T LOOK AT ME THERE'S SOMETHING IN MY EYE THAT'S ALL) we're down to only two cats, and I change the bag in the in-house box once a week, and in the less used porch unit I only change the bag once every two weeks. They're magical and I still think they're worth every penny. YOU NEED THIS. Updated: 11/27/14 - Now down to two cats due to attrition. :( Let's not talk about that. But we can talk about this: I only need to change the bag every week or so, and if I'm lazy, it can go longer than that. Still my favorite household appliance, bar none.

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