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  2. Diamond drop earrings
$ 195

Diamond drop earrings

  • , Riverview, FL
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TRYING TO SELL ALL INVENTORY TO CLOSE MY JEWELRY STORE PAPERS COME WITH PURCHASE Amazing 3.31 carat Flawless Diamond 18k gold plated German earrings Retail price $847.00 Metal Type 18k Gold plated German Silver Metal Weight By Gram 2.90 Total Weight By Gram 2.90 INFORMATION ABOUT CREATED DIAMONDS The primary differences between created diamonds and natural diamonds are price and environmental impact. While lab diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds; same timeless beauty, fire, brilliance, unique colors, hardness and quality; purchasing a created diamond can be easy on the wallet and the environment. The stress on the eco-systems from earth mining diamonds is pretty harsh and diamond mining in reality is an expensive and a dangerous process. These factors are reflected in the price tag of the earth mined stones. The biggest benefit of the created diamond lies in this price factor differential. A lab created diamond is usually less expensive compared to a mined colored diamond. In fact, a one carat earth-mined diamond can cost thousands of dollars while a created diamond of the same size and weight can be found at a fraction of the cost. What’s also interesting is that it would take a certified jeweler to detect that these lab diamonds have not been harvested from the earth. Even then, the experts find it difficult to detect because created diamonds are identical gemologically. What this means is that the created diamonds are certified to be chemically and optically identical to their earth mined counterparts. In addition to being able to obtain a created diamond for a fraction of the price, the creation of a lab diamond does not harm humans, animals, or the precious environment. Another great advantage of created diamonds is that they can be cut even more proportionally, as compared to the mined gems. Only ten to fifteen percent of natural diamonds achieve the ideal cutting proportion whereas man made diamonds can almost always be cut proportionally. Earth mined diamonds are also hard to find without a flaw. The more flaws the lower the price and the less desirable to the human eye. It is quite common to find mined diamonds with defects and inclusions. While many diamonds can be cut to can disguise some of the flaws, some are too apparent to hide. On the other hand, lab diamonds are nearly flawless to completely flawless due to the precise processing and the ability to control the growth of the diamonds in a laboratory setting. Stone Information Created Diamond Quantity 34 Cut Round Carat 0.450 Clarity IF Color D Created Diamond (set 2) Quantity 2 Cut Square Carat 2.860 Clarity IF Color D

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